23 February 2013

HTTPS Communication SCCM 2012 SP1 (Part 3)

If you do a default installation of ConfigMgr 2012 the clients will communicate over HTTP with the Management Point. Also all traffic from the Distribution Point will be over HTTP. And if you use the Application Catalog, well that's HTTP also.
In this 3 post series I will explain the steps to go from HTTP to HTTPS communication.
The first post (HERE) I explained the Certificates needed, the second (HERE) and third one (this one) will do the actual work of transforming ConfigMgr from HTTP to HTTPS.
What is going to happen:
  • Have HTTPS traffic from and to the Distribution Point

So I have got my clients communicating over HTTPS, with my PKI Infrastructure, to the Management Point. Nice!
But now I want the traffic from and to the Distribution Point also over HTTPS.

ConfigMgr Configuration
Under Administration – Overview – Site Configuration – Servers and Site System Roles select the server with the Distribution Point Role. Select Properties.
Import Certificate.
You need the ConfigMgr Client Distribution Point certificate (the .PFX), supply the password and OK.

And now the data is flowing secure from and to your DP.

Part 1 Here.
Part 2 Here.

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